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The Belgrade Bandits are kicking off a major field and facility upgrade campaign. The concept drawings above show our vision for the future of Bandit Baseball. 
Your donation can help make this vision a reality.

The field and facility upgrades include the following new and improved features:

  • ​Improved dugouts

  • New turf in the infield

  • More external space for fans and visitors

  • New ticket booth

  • New grandstands

  • New press-box

  • New concession stand

  • New outdoor picnic area

  • New outdoor beer garden

  • New LED lights for field

  • New sound system

  • New black chain link fencing around the exterior of the park

  • Landscaping for entire park

  • New indoor practice facility

    • New turf practice field​

    • New drop down batting cages

    • New indoor pitching mounds

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